Coating Services

We are involved in providing Coating Services.The offered coatings can be applicable in varied types as well as grades of fasteners, rollers, etc. The water works industry hugely benefits from the corrosion resistance properties, and protect T-head bolts for underground applications by coating them. On the other hand, stainless steel fasteners are coated for anti-galling and lubricity. We have been working towards fulfilling the specific coating requirements of valuable clients. As a reputed service provider, our Coating Services are carried out in a way that we can achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Key Points:

1) Delivers optimum consistency, stability to the product / surface.
2) Increases the working life of product/ surface by providing protection against rust.
3) Applicable in heavy duty engineering, railways, automobiles, construction and many other industries.
4) Best coating material and tools are used to ensure high effectiveness of the coating.

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